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AUSTRALIA (AAHA-Melbourne)-2012

10th Anniversary of AAHA-Melbourne Social Club

Hi Sandro,
My name is Adriana Rispoli I'm the Vice president of the AAHA Brunswich East Australia. I have attached a copy of the photos of the 10th Anniversary of our Club. I know you have been expecting them. 

I really enjoyed organizing the luncheon and everyone had a fantastic time. You would have enjoyed your self as well.  May some time soon, when you come back to Australia.
At the present time the names of the committee are:

Nichola Habib    (President)
Adriana Rispoli  (Vice President)
Afif Mouchacca  (Treasure)
Jeanine Nasr     (Secretary)
Mario Madiona  (Ordinary member)
Eileen De Leonardis (Ordinary member)
We have 70 registered members in our club at the moment.
One of our many talented members Anthony Temple entertained us with music and song.  
The luncheon was catered by Guido Dessmann and His Wife Annamaria Also from Egypt.
He provided us with a classical Egyptian menu, consisting of:
Kubeba, Vine leaves, Pasticcio alforno, Chicken Cacciatore, Roast pork fillet, Roast Beef with peas, Rozz u Scaareia, (rice and noodles), Seafood Salad, etc..
For Sweets: Kunafa, Ataief, Guraieba, Lukum,
Every thing was home made except the Lukum.  Is your mouth watering yet??
Kind regards
Adriana Rispoli.

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AAHA = Amicale Alexandrie Hier et Aujourd'hui : www.aaha.ch