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Sacred Heart School, Rouchdy

Class IV, 1960

 Fourth row (upward), from left to right : Jane Patakachi, Maureen Farah, Samia Chouha, Salwa ?, Viviane Beuchat-Manzoni, Lilian Chiha, Edmea Zerei, Yasmine Balassis, Mona ?, Hoda Kachami

Third row (upward), l > r : Cristina ?, Patricia ?, ??, Lucy ?, Linda Argenziano-Abisaleh, Mona Magdy, Zevart (Zizi) Paltos-Terzian, Michelle ?, Catherine ?

Second row, l > r : Rosemarie Tawa, Mary ?, Marylise Mesarah, Marie Louise Tawil, Nadia ?, Miss Paulette, Sister M. Laura, Zoe Pandilidis, Madia ?, Elisabeth ?, Chouha ?, Catherine Hutcheson-Constantinou

First row (downward), left > right : Amira Boctor, Vivian Bevilaqua, Ambretta Brustia-Buccianti, Betty ?, Shadia ?


Heavy letters = address known; Italic = deceased

Photos submitted by Viviane Beuchat-Manzoni


What are the addresses of the girls  ?

(please send to Sandro Manzoni the missing addresses)

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AAHA = Amicale Alexandrie Hier et Aujourd'hui : www.aaha.ch